Other products for industry

Special detergents as well as lubricants and protective coatings for various applications.


Pineline GR-20

Ready to use cleaner for removal of printing inks, graffiti and other water-soluble coatings.


Pineline Laundry Detergent

Pine oil-based liquid laundry detergent for machine washing.

Hallin pesukuva

Pineline Bay Cleaner

Detergent for wash hall floors and walls.


Pineline Wood Lubricant

Pine oil-based, very long lasting lubricant.


Pineline Form Oil

Pine oil-based, very long lasting release agent.

PolyProt SS-77-5

Pineline PolyProt SS-77-5

Protective wax for long-term indoor and covered outdoor storage of metal parts, machinery and tools.


Pineline PolyCut B55-NV

Boric-based, synthetic, grinding and cutting fluid, for mixing with water.


Pineline Inhibitor Fe-8

Corrosion inhibitor particularly for ferrous metals, for mixing with water.


Pineline Defoamer WRS

Silicone-based anti-foaming agent for industrial and other water processes.

Super  Cleaner Plus

Pineline Super Cleaner plus

For removal of deposits, oxides and algae.


Pineline Super Cleaner

For removal of deposits, oxides, algae and settled metal dust.