Industrial and maintenance chemicals

Industrial-level surface treatment, assembly and finishing require uncompromising cleanness from the surfaces treated. The cleaning machines used in metal production and machinery shops are challenging and unique. The material of the pieces washed and the contaminants are variable and different methods are used for cleaning. Different contaminants are removed from piece surfaces, including machining residues, metal deposits, oils and fats. Carefully selected cleaning chemicals ensure high quality of the final product. First-class cleaning performance and long service life of the washing liquid are an absolute must in service and care operations. The Pineline product range offers solutions for a variety of water-based cleaning and degreasing methods. The product range includes different Swan-labelled cleaning products that are more user friendly and safer for the environment.

Industrial cleaning and care

Products for paper industry

Other products for industry

Full range of water and solvent-based cleaners for different applications. Detergents for paper machine body, piping and tissue, and preservatives for process surfaces. Special detergents as well as lubricants and protective coatings for various applications.