Tekno-Forest Oy

20 years of experience

Techno-Forest Oy was founded in 1994 as a chemical technology company, which is part of the Pineline Group. Pineline products are currently supplied to nine countries, mainly in the Baltic Sea region.

The company is specialised in manufacturing environmentally-friendly jet efficient and high quality detergents for professional use in industry, cleaning and vehicle washing machines. The company’s detergent products are known from the Pineline trademark and comply with the strict quality standards of Swan label, which is a Nordic eco-label. The car detergent product line is used in many cleaning lines of different oil companies.

ExxonMobil (Esso Finland) was the first oil company to introduce the eco-labeled Pineline detergent system in its car washing machines in 1998. The world’s largest technical merchandise wholesaler, Würth Oy, operates as the distributor of Pineline-products in the Baltic Sea region.

Eco-labelled industrial detergents

In 2001, Tekno-Forest Oy launched eco-labelled industrial detergents.

The product range includes functional coatings for cleaning paper machine rolls. This coating technology can also be utilised in the treatment of vehicle paintwork.

Wireless control

The Pineline product range is also delivered as a so-called “Smart” solution, where the customer’s washing operations are controlled over the Internet. This unique method optimises detergent consumption and brings significant savings in logistics. The products are packed in 10 kg packages, where ergonomics and safety are taken into account. For a logistics chain, it is important that the products be not classified as corrosive, flammable, or harmful, in which case the transport is not classified as hazardous.

The Pineline product line takes into account people, the environment and logistics in a unique way, and its efficiency and quality ensures profitability of washing operations for customers.