Vehicle care and consumer products

Swan-labelled Pineline cleaners, waxes and preservatives for vehicle interiors and exteriors. Vehicle interior and exterior cleaning improves usability and durability, and helps to maintain the vehicle resale value.

Pineline Asfaltinpoistaja 50120042

Pineline Asphalt Remover 50

Pine oil-based solvent detergent for removal of pitch and asphalt residues.


Pineline Insect Remover 30

Ready to use detergent for insect residue.


Pineline Power wash

Pine oil-based detergent concentrate for vehicles, agricultural machinery, boats and outdoor furniture. Test-winner.


Pineline Dishwashing Agent

Detergent for hand dishwashing.


Pineline Wax shampoo

Natural wax-based wax shampoo concentrate.


Pineline Rim Wash

Ready to use detergent for cleaning rims.


Pineline Pressure Wash

Cleaning agent concentrate suitable for pressure and steam jet cleaning equipment of vehicles and other alkali-resistant surfaces.

Pineline Pikavaha_120839

Pineline Rapid Wax

Easy to use wax for all car paints.


Pineline Motor Wash

Solvent free detergent for engines and machinery.

Pineline Paint-Pro Shine_120756

Pineline Paint Pro Shine

For repairing and care of all types and colours of paintwork.


Pineline Glass Cleaner

For vehicle interior cleaning.

Hand Cleaner

Pineline Hand Cleaner

Hand washing and protective agent lotion for severe contamination.


Pineline Moisturising Emulsion

Skin balancing moisturising emulsion.


Pineline Protective Hand Cream

Water-based barrier cream against hands contamination.

Pineline Autoshampoo_120466

Pineline Car Shampoo

Foaming detergentconcentrate for hand washing of fleet.